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From payments to capital, from equipment to apps, Tesoro Payments’ is there to make sure your customers enjoy their check-out experience while spending their money with you.  See what we have to offer.

Convenience Fee, Surcharge Fee and Cash Discount Programs

A merchant can enjoy accepting debit or credit card payments at zero cost or at reduced rates due to newly available compliant programs whereby the customer incurs all or most of the transaction fees, not the merchant.  Programs include:

  • Convenience Fee:  Available to a limited number of merchant category segments primarily government (tax, fines, courts) entities, and college tuition.  Our service, in real time, passes a lower cost to a customer paying with debit than for credit cards.  As a result, it is a fairer solution over those that offer only a flat rate. Merchant pays no processing fees. Service can be accessed from a virtual terminal, integration, or terminal solution.
  • Surcharge Fee:  Available to most merchants, in all states.  Rule allow a surcharge of no more than 4% on credit transactions, but not on debit transactions.  Our program charges a flat rate to customer on credit cards and a low flat rate and transaction fee to merchant for debit transactions. Cost of card acceptance is dramatically reduced to merchant.  Service can be accessed from a virtual terminal, integration, or terminal solution.
  • Cash Discounting: Available to all merchants, in all states.  Terminal or POS based solution that offers a customer real time discount when paying with cash versus a credit card. Service covers cost of the card fees payed by merchant.

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Juan Soto

Founder and CEO Juan has viewed the industry from many angles and leverages his sales, finance, operations and systems experiences to better serve the merchant community. Juan has held senior sales management and business development positions in different industry verticals including stints at:
  • Fleetcor (fleet card issuer & processor),
  • Planet Payment (dynamic currency conversion processor),
  • Noblett & Associates (payment technology consultancy),
  • Chase Merchant Services & NaBANCO (credit card merchant acquiring), and
  • IVI Checkmate / Ingenico (POS equipment manufacturer).

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