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Tesoro Payment Solutions has the knowledge and experience to take your company to the next level, increase productivity and growth.

Business Development

Are you looking to have your technology, product, or service introduced into the mainstream of the payment-acquiring industry? We can help by creating a strategy and execute on a plan that reaches out to the right partners including acquirers, processors, and independent sales organizations.  Our business development consulting service covers any vertical including products and services aimed at retailers, restaurants, insurance, e-commerce, and business-to-business entities.

With senior-level contacts at many of the largest providers, we can assist in refining the value proposition and presenting it to our contacts for consideration.  We have assisted many companies with their products and services in the past including companies offering:

  1. Dynamic Currency Conversion
  2. Ecommerce Website Hosting
  3. E-commerce PIN Debit
  4. Fleet Cards
  5. Internet and VOIP Services
  6. Loyalty Programs
  7. Mobile & Tablet POS Systems
  8. Multi-Currency Processing
  9. Quickbooks Plugins

A combination of a great product and service coupled with our business development experience will increase the odds of a successful product and service rollout to industry partners.   The key is to assist our clients and partners by delivering positive bottom-line results.

Merchant Review and Analysis

We have a clear understanding of the payment industry’s cumbersome fee structures and varied service offerings.  Regional, national and multi-national merchants can benefit from this experience by getting exposed to the latest the payment industry has to offer.

Our complimentary merchant review and analysis begins by understanding the unique payment acceptance needs of the merchant by holding a process review meeting with the management team to uncover existing and desired requirements as it relates to authorization, processing and financial settlement.  By fully understanding what occurs in the life cycle of a payment transaction at a merchant site from the first point of interaction with a customer to the back-end office processes will ensure we have gathered the facts so we can ultimately be successful in our review, analysis and recommendations.

Part of the review and analysis is to audit merchant statements to fully understand how a merchant is qualifying for card industry interchange, discount rates and transaction fees to determine where improvements can be made.  Often a merchant’s cost is higher than it should be due to interchange downgrades caused by an operational or technical flaw unbeknown to the merchant and not revealed by their processor.

Once we fully understand the scope of the technical, operational and financial aspects of a merchant’s payment acceptance methods we then create a targeted proposal designed to improve every facet of the operation while reducing costs.  We derive our revenue by indirectly reducing costs or by directly earning the processing relationship.

At the rapid rate which new products and services are introduced in the industry and how often direct costs from the card issuer’s change, a merchant can ensure their payment acceptance process remains competitive and viable by aligning itself with a proven, professional organization that is Tesoro Payment Solutions.

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